Plaque - Wandtafel - Wandschmuck - Morrigan - Holzoptik

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Plaque - Wandtafel - Wandschmuck - Morrigan - Holzoptik

Das Besondere an diesen Stücken ist, das die ursprüngliche Form von dem Künstler Paul Burda von Hand aus Holz geschnitzt wurde. Die Form wurde dann aus Kunstahrz reproduziert um sie bezahlbar und einem breiten Publikum zugänglich zu machen.

Höhe: 13,3cm; Breite: 10,2cm, Tiefe: 2,2cm


Morrigan, translated as "Phantom Queen," is an awesome Battle Goddess. Here she is depicted in one of her stories thru the eyes of Cuchulain, who is roused from sleep hearing a great cry and leaps up to defend the cattle. He finds a stunningly beautiful woman all dressed in red with flames on her brow. The woman's horse has only one leg and the post of her chariot goes straight thru the horse's body. The horse is being lead by a man with a forked staff. Cuchulain demands the man's name and Morrigan refuses to tell him, but engages him in a war of riddles. Cuchulain in a fit of frustration rushes upon the woman in the chariot to kill her and she vanishes transforming into a crow cawing into the night. He is dumbfounded to realize he has just attached the Goddess of War. Morrigan can be called on for passing over rituals, to assist with prevailing in conflict, finding the true self or courage in the face of fear, as a potent force for banishing and in dark moon rites.

Material: Kunstharz/ Polyresin

Farbe: Holzfinish


Design Götter Göttinen Heidentum Pagan Statuen Wicca Kelten Gods Goddesses statues OBOD PFI Pagan Federation Dekoration