Statue - Mutter Erde Büste by Neil Sims - Mother Earth - bronziert - Dekoration - Ritualbedarf

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Statue - Mutter Erde Büste by Neil Sims - Mother Earth - bronziert - Dekoration - Ritualbedarf



Bronze finished resin figurine by artist and sculptor Neil Sims. Diverse images of what are believed to be Mother Goddess statues have been discovered that date back to Neolithic times, vivid depictions of this ancient female deity now over 12,000 years old. The Mother Goddess is a term which is used to describe the female aspect the primordial dualistic Pagan religion. Representing motherhood, feminine sexuality, fertility and the endless cycles of Planet Earth. This Goddess, often referred to as Gaia or MotherEarth is associated with the birth of humanity. She is the original "Eve"; matriarch of our entire species - born out of Africa and the Mother of us all.

This exquisite figurine was lovingly crafted by world-renowned Pagan artist, sculptor and tattooist Neil Sims. Hailing from the coastal town of South Shields in the North-East of England; Neil has devoted his entire life to the expression of his devout and ancient faith via the medium of his numerous artistic creations. Those amongst you who desire to learn more about this highly talented gentleman can find him on Facebook as Neil Blackbird Sims.

Material: Kunstharz/ Polyresin

Farbe: bronziert


Nemesis Now Götter Göttinen Heidentum Pagan Statuen Wicca Kelten Gods Goddesses statues OBOD PFI Pagan Federation Dekoration

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