Anhänger Njord Nordischer Gott/ Norse God - Bronze

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Anhänger Njord Nordischer Gott/ Norse God - Bronze

Wunderschöner Anhänger von Paul Burda designed - zeigt den nordischen Gott Njord


The Norse god Njord (pronounced "Nyord") was a very important Deity in viking mythology. The great dragon ships that exemplify the Viking age and all adventures of the sea were his domain. He is from the Vanir house of gods and is also an honorary member of the Aesir gods as well. Njord is most known for being a God of the ocean. He is the father of the God Freyr and the Goddess Freya and is strongly associated with wealth, commerce, fertility, travel and the abundant resources of the sea.

Material: Bronze

Maße: 2,8cm x 2,5cm

Anhänger Charm Amulett Symbol keltische nordisch Schutz Esoterik Magie Naturspiritualität Wicca Asatru Hexenkult Nordleute Wikinger Kelten Germanen OBOD Druiden ADF